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Providing legal guidance to the creative community through education, research and legal services.

This website evolved from being one that provided information solely about my law practice, to one that now provides a window into a broader legal career encompassing a wide range of activities in the arts. Whether you are an artist looking for legal services, a public arts administrator looking for information on public art policy, or a current or returning student looking for the next educational step, you will find helpful resources on this website.

As my career goals and obligations have progressed and changed and my plate has gone from full to overflowing, I can no longer take on the full roster of clients I once serviced. Nevertheless, I want to make sure that all those creative people seeking legal advice have access to quality legal services. So, I founded Art Law Resource, a network of carefully selected, experienced professionals who provide legal services to the creative community.

One of the specific areas of knowledge that I developed in both my practice and academic career is public art.  As a result of my interest in this area, I compiled The Public Art in Private Development (PAPD) Database provides access to ordinances and policies pertaining to art requirements for private development.

My dedication to art in the public is now the core of what I do.  Through my new venture, ArtConverge, I work with clients all over the world to navigate the intersection of culture, commerce and community through an experienced legal lens.  Find out more on the ArtConverge website or get in touch with me directly.

In addition to practicing law in the art world for over 20 years, I was a professor at Sotheby’s Institute of Art’s Art Business and Arts Management master’s degree programs at Claremont Graduate University from 2013-2017 where I taught Legal Foundations, Public Art, Cultural Property and Restitution, and International Transactions.  Through ArtConverge, I am able to merge my many years of legal and art world experience with my love for teaching, strategizing and innovating.

I am also a published author.  You can find more information here about my publications.

I feel extremely fortunate that I am able to pursue many interesting and diverse opportunities in my career and also to contribute in a meaningful way to the creative community. I hope that you will find the information on this website to be interesting and informative.  If I can be of any service to you or your organization, please contact me.


Sarah Conley Odenkirk